My sizes run on the large side, and since most pieces are made of stretchy fabric, they will fit for a long time.

Make sure to check out the size charts on the product description pages for each product, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at

For reference, at 9 months old, my daughter could still wear the 3 month size, but the legs and sleeves were a little short. She fit into the 6 month size perfectly. And she could wear the 12 month stuff, but there was plenty of room for her to grow.

On Infant VS Toddler sizing.

  • My infant sizes will accommodate big, squishy babies, and cloth diapers with ease. Most bottoms feature a drawstring waistband with hidden elastic; this allows the waist to be adjusted without the worry of the drawstring digging into your baby. Infant tops feature an envelope neckline to make getting dressed a little easier, and my shirts are on the long side, so your baby's belly will be well covered.
  • My toddler sizes feature the same stretchy fabric and adjustable waistbands but are made for longer, slimmer bodies. Due to the stretch, they can easily accommodate a diaper, but are designed with the potty-trained in mind, so have a slimmer cut.

If you don't see the (standard) size you want for any product, let me know, and if I have the fabric, I'll happily make it for you at no additional cost. There may be a small fee for custom sizes since they require pattern alterations.