Where’s Little Iris?

Little Iris is currently taking a hiatus. In October of 2017, my family moved from our sweet little community in the foothills to the Bay Area. This new adventure has been fun, and challenging, and rewarding, and so many more things. We’ve begun to build a new community and the East Bay has begun to feel like home. And on Halloween of 2018 we welcomed another baby girl, Violet Mae, into our family!

So, what does this all mean for Little Iris? I’m not sure yet! Trying to design, much less sew a collection, or even ship out orders, just doesn't fit into my life right now, so I’m taking a break. Maybe this will turn into a blog for a while, maybe I’ll start designing for grown-ups eventually, or maybe I’ll bring Little Iris back as it was before, but for the moment I’m just enjoying the messiness of having little kids and not knowing what comes next.


About: How Little Iris Began

Elliott Iris at 4 months old.

After years of hating how clothes fit, I began designing and sewing my own clothes. So naturally, when I had my daughter, Elliott Iris, and she began outgrowing all of her cute clothes in record time (she never fit into newborn sizes), I decided to use my sewing powers for good and come up with designs for her that would still fit when I was done making them. Thus, Little Iris Clothing was born.

About: The Clothes

My goal is to design clothes that are hip and comfortable and will fit a baby for more than a month!

I choose fabrics that stretch well and when possible, I include features that will allow the design to last through a few growth spurts. Many of my shorts and leggings include a drawstring waistband with hidden elastic which allows for waist adjustments while still stretching comfortably on wiggling little bodies. The leggings I offer that do not have a drawstring, use a thin braided elastic that won't dig into a growing belly. Many of my tops are long and can transition from dress to shirt as a baby grows.

I hand carve all of the stamps I use, this means that each stamped piece will have its own sweet imperfections.

About: Me (owner/designer/stitcher of things)

My name is Molly and I live in Fremont, California. with my husband, and my two daughters.

I've always been really affected by clothes and usually frustrated by the fit or style of the clothes that I found in stores. Sewing and designing clothing, not only allows me to make the clothes that I want to wear (or dress my kids in), it strikes a great balance of satisfying both the math and creative parts of my brain. Plus, I get to play with beautiful fabric!

Generally I'm a jeans & t-shirt wearer, I love coffee and politics, I attempt to garden and make sourdough while raising two silly, thoughtful, energetic little girls, and I have a life goal of developing a jeans pattern that is perfect for my body.